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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

On Timelessness

Timelessness. Some grand and eternal fairytale. Separate and still.  Classic, transcending era. Untouched. That's what wedding photography should be, right?

No. That's not  it. At least not for me. I don't want to tell that story. Because if I'm busy trying to create that illusion of timeless grandeur... I'm missing something so much more. What even is timelessness? A nonsense word and an impossible pursuit. It could almost be anyone, anywhere any time. That's not what I'm there for. I'm there for that time. That place in time is everything. The time of year you chose. The way the sky looked, the gamble you took with the weather. The haircuts. The fashions. The things you chose to express yourselves with. The cameras your guests brought. The babies whose sudden progress in the years to come will age you more than any photo of yourself could. Your family. The people you survived your youth with, the shared guilt and sadness that it's been too long and knowing it  could be too long again... But they're  here now and it suddenly feels like not a day has gone by. The bittersweet moments and notable absences. No credits that roll, not the end of something, a milestone, a chance to celebrate and make memories that will sit amongst many others good and bad.

"We'll collect the moments one by one, I guess that's how the future's done"

  Timelessness supposedly separates things from time... It leaves them unaffected as time goes on. They stand still.... I can't think of anything I want less from my work. I want your photos to move with you, to grow in significance as the things around you grow and life's good and bad
shapes your perspective. And one day years down the line when those images of those daft things, the incidental and monumental are no longer yours... There's an honest, heartfelt record left that shows so much more. Not untouched, not untouchable. Here's to the timely.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Camera Explorer: Denmark on Film

There's much, much more to be shown from my trip to Denmark to shoot Laura and Kasper's wedding at Clausholm Slot. My first adventure to a Nordic country for a beautiful and very special day. 

For now, I'm just going to share some shots I took on my film camera when I was there. Most of them come from my exploration of Copenhagen (accompanied part of the time by Homie and local Amanda Thomsen). With a day to myself to explore I packed in what I could... climbed a tower, rode trains that crossed the sea like something from Spirited Away, ate beautiful breakfasts and local cuisine, inadvertently made friends with some One Direction fans, sat by the sea, got sunburnt, saw the city from the water and met the most impressive human beings I've ever met: an elderly couple clutching a book of 1000 things to see before you die, methodically ticking off everything they could… including swimming in the North Pole on one leg of their adventure…. and I took photos, on film, and when I got home I thought about sending them off to a proper lab but my excitement delivered me into Boots for an hour's processing and I walked back through town trying not to trip over my feet as I tore open the envelopes and looked at my shots and longed to travel more. And if that was the longest, most rambling and grammatically troubling sentence I've ever written… I don't care. I have so much love for those precious few days. Just you wait til I share the official wedding shots soon. 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Derby Photography - The Little Shed in Allestree

Just round the corner from where I live in Allestree, just outside Derby, The Little Shed has popped up and opened yesterday with a cupcake, meringue and Pimms fuelled evening celebration. I popped round with my camera to get some shots of the loveliness and do a spot of shopping. If  you fancy popping down this evening (June 12th) there's another party and the shop is well worth a visit.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Destination Wedding Photography - Baku, Azerbaijan {Part 2}

So here it is! Part 2 of my adventure to Azerbaijan to shoot Dan and Fidan's wedding. With their legal ceremony and intimate family dinner done it was time to party. They chose the luxurious setting of The Four Seasons in Baku. After getting ready with a view of Baku's famous flame towers Fidan totally rocked her 50s inspired wedding dress - a total break with wedding traditions in Azerbaijan. I was also ludicrously excited to see some of Rachel Simpson's gorgeous shoes  which felt like a little reminder of home on the third day of my trip. After their first look on the staircase of the hotel we explored some awesome spots in Baku… my absolute favourite being the derelict museum we were lucky enough to get permission to shoot in. The reception was awesome with a nod to London in the place names and decor.  My biggest surprise of the evening was the appearance from a troupe of traditional dancers who streamed onto the dance floor with stunning costumes and swords, ceremonially introducing a beautiful plate of rice… it was incredible… there was even a human pyramid… if I'm not describing it well you'll have to rely of the photos below or read about the tradition here. It was an incredible day… an unforgettable trip enjoying the hospitality and company of their family and friends, exploring a place that I'd never expected to visit and enjoyed so completely.